J.J. Braddock wrote the book The Soul Shattering based on the true account of a Bosnian woman who survived the unspeakable crimes and horrors of the war in Bosnia. It is a tribute to all the women and young girls of Bosnia-Herzegovina who were subjected to systematic rape and abuse. It is also the story of a family caught in the chaos of the war events. This is a unique story about love, suffering, sacrifice and hope, versus hatred, rape and murder. James J. Braddock's book The Soul Shattering tells the story of a Bosnian-Croatian woman rescued from a Serbian concentration camp by the camp's deputy commander. This is a moving novel; the story of good versus evil in the midst of the war in Bosnia. In vivid style, it depicts destinies, dilemmas, dramas, and tragedies, concentrating on the terrible and extraordinary experience of Mirna and her family. The Soul Shattering is a novel about universal values; the novel of light.
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Mr. Braddock rejects all labels, the charges that appear on various forums, with his name or on his behalf! No one has the authority or permission to write in his name, or to use his name! Firmly rejected any participation in discussions, backdoor and dirty games, in which he tries to sneak in some individuals or groups, particularly those who have committed criminal offenses. Mr. Braddock would not comment, nor participate in such dirty games. The only place where they seek their own justice and truth, the Central District Court in Los Angeles, with legal evidence.

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