Brune Bušića 74, 32010 Vukovar, Croatia

Mr. Josip Knežević (James J. Braddock)
Zagreb, Hrvatska

Mr. Knežević,

First of all we would like to express our joy that persons like you exist; persons who are trying by all means to show and prove the truth about the horrors that took place on the territory of the Republic of Croatia, Vukovar in particular.

By doing this you support our organization and our activities as well. With this letter we express our support to you personally and for your book “The Soul Shattering’, which depicts, in a touching and unique way, suffering of one family, a Croatian woman, Mirna, and torment she experienced in the captivity of a Serbian concentration camp.

With this letter our organization also lends you a full support in your struggle to determine the truth and protect the copyrights to your book “The Soul Shattering”, which represents much more than a literary work to us women who experienced and miraculously survived the merciless war against Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina and their peoples.

The book is a tribute to all women, mothers and daughters, as well as all innocent people who unnecessarily suffered and lost their lives during that genocidal rape of our city and homeland. “The Soul Shattering” is historical testimony which registered the events the way they really happened. Any woman can see herself in Mirna, the heroine of your book!

The mighty from the international world of politics and arts play a significant role in interpreting the history of our abused homeland, as well as her present and future. We hope that you will succeed in your efforts and prove the truth, and thus prevent yet another lie about the war in this region (through “artistic interpretation”) from becoming the “truth”. We believe that by protecting your rights as the author of an exceptional literary work, based upon a real story from 1992, you will also prevent a bizarre “love story” from Angelina Jolie’s movie to become a “historical fact”.

The world influential have always profited from the tragedy of this land without any concern to the calvary of our people. Disrespect for victims as well as distortion of historical facts causes creation of a completely untruthful and false picture of Croatia in the world.

We women from the  ”Women’s Association Vukovar” fully support your quest for justice and truth! We would be delighted if your initiative and project “The Bridge of Love” succeeds and connects the cities including Vukovar, thus helping our families, our city and our homeland.

We will be honored to take part in these projects in any way.


President of Women’s Association Vukovar

Jasmina Šahović Žabka