Mr. Josip Knezevic (J.J. Braddock)
Zagreb, Croatia

Dear Mr. Knezevic:

With this letter we would like to express our organization’s full support of your work, the book The Soul Shattering, and to you personally, in your struggle to discover the truth and protect your rights as an author. Your unique novel is, to all of us women who lived through and miraculously survived the war against Bosnia & Herzegovina and her people, innocent civilians, children, and women in particular, much more than a book. It is homage to all women, all the mothers and daughters, as well as to all the people who suffered unnecessarily and vanished in the abyss of the genocidal rape of our city and homeland.  Your novel is also a testimony that recorded the history and events the way they truly happened. In your book, many of us recognize ourselves. For all of that, we thank you again.

We understand that powerful international interest groups, cultural and political, have played (and are still playing) a significant role in creating (and interpreting) Bosnian history, present and future. In this context, we see the latest project by Ms. Angelina Jolie as an attempt to increase her already huge popularity (and probably her bank account) on the tragedy of this country without paying too much attention to the credibility of her story. With this approach, Ms. Jolie offends all the innocent victims, and, by distorting historical facts, she also contributes to creating a false picture of Bosnia. Whether she is doing this out of ignorance or under the influence of certain lobbies only Ms. Jolie knows.

We, the women from the Organization “Women of Srebrenica”, oppose such an approach to our history, our city, and our country, even if it is coming from “the” Angelina Jolie.  We fully support your struggle for justice and truth, as well as your initiative to create “The Bridge of Love” - the project that is really necessary for our country and other abused countries and cities.
If we could in any way participate in these projects, we ask that you include us in them.

Yours, with the greatest respect,

Hajra Catic