ŽŽ – 01-06-59/2011
Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Mr. Josip Knezevic (J.J. Braddock)
Zagreb, Republika Hrvatska

Dear Mr. Knezevic:

With this letter, we would like to express our organization’s full support of your work – the book “The Soul Shattering,” and to you personally in your struggle to discover the truth and protect your rights as an author. Your unique novel is, to all us women who lived through and miraculously survived the war against Bosnia & Herzegovina and her people, innocent civilians, children, and women in particular, much more than a book.  It is homage to all women, all the mothers and daughters, as well as to all the people who suffered and vanished in the dark abyss of our homeland’s recent history. In addition, your novel is a testimony that records the history and events how they really happened. In your book’s protagonist Mirna, many of us recognize ourselves. For all of that, we thank you again.

We understand that this kind of testimonials provokes unrest and that numerous individuals or groups would like to alter the events and memories of the war because we haven’t yet concluded the process of confronting all the historical facts – neither in Bosnia & Herzegovina, nor in the entire region.
Those horrible events are still nothing else but an occasional sensation that would intrigue and stir the world public, shake some consciences, or question various responsibilities, only to fall back into collective oblivion after a short time. We who live in the region witness continuous attempts to record those memories. Some of those attempts are benevolent, but some are at the brink of manipulation.  Still, this is our reality. People here continue to live in their own truths and their own memories.

We, the women of the organization “Women to Women - Sarajevo” support your initiative, project “Bridge Of Love,” because we believe that it represents an honest attempt to move from the sin of silence to the risk of discourse. The experiences of women from Bosnia & Herzegovina may help to make us all feel more responsible to help end the suffering of women in Congo, Mexico, Afghanistan, Iraq, or any other part of the world. Women and women’s bodies are used in all wars, and we believe that it could be changed. The initiative you have started is one of the means of this change on a global level.

Yours with the greatest respect,

Executive Director
Organization Women to Women