Synopsis (?!) of the movie "In The Land Of Blood And Honey" ("Untitled Love Story" - at the time)
submited by Ms. Jolie to the Federal Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bosnia and Hercegovina.

(English translation below the original)
Jolie talks with Haris Silajdzic, a member of the Bosnian tripartite Presidency

Jolie was also inspecting filming locations. She said in a statement issued through UNHCR - the United Nations refugee agency - that she plans to start shooting a movie in Bosnia in the autumn. "The film is a love story," and is about a couple that meets on the eve of the war, her statement said.
UNTITLED LOVE STORY / Ljubavna priča bez naziva


This love story begins in 1992 in a small city in the eastern part of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Lejla and Danijel are a young couple in love, who get separated at the beginning of war activities. Danijel’s father is a stern high ranking officer of the Yugoslav People’s Army and appoints his son to the post of commander of a POW camp. Danijel’s moral principles don’t allow him to accept this position, but he unwillingly yields under his father’s pressure.

By the stroke of destiny he meets Lejla again, but this time he is the camp commander and she is a prisoner there. Their relationship reaches a completely new dimension. Danijel is in an unenviable situation and tries to find the best solution, acceptable for all. The question is whether such a solution even exists…

Writer and Director

Angelina Jolie